Your 3 biggest weight loss MISTAKES (#3 is the worst)

If you are like me, then you’ll realize how losing weight is a very tough thing to achieve especially if you grow up being slim.

Most time, the food we eat has a lot to do with adding extra pounds, especially around the tummy area.

To put it simply, losing weight is not easy. 

You’ve cut back on sweets, you’re attending more fitness classes, and that’s great, but it may not be enough to see the results you want—and there’s a reason why.

If you are struggling to lose those extra fats and there are 3 top reasons why you will hardly achieve that goal.

And according to Philip Stanforth, an exercise scientist & executive director of the Fitness Institute of Texas, until you overcome these 3 issues, your will keep running in circles like in a hamster wheel.

#1 – You sit almost all-day
If you have a work that keeps you glued to the desk and makes you sit all day, you are risking your health by not switching thing up a little bit. So make out time to move around and do some cardio/movement daily.

#2 – You easily relax and take in extra calories
Before you eat that doughnut because of office stress or before you eat a big bowl of ice cream for relaxation sake, take a time to think about what you might be doing to your weight loss plan. Avoid multitasking while eating and try to stay away from impulse snacks.

#3 – Eating BIG portions that needed
Is your one serving equals to 2-3 servings? Most time, we eat portions that are larger than what we need to stay at the right fat burn rate when compared to our metabolism mostly because we want to eat with a spouse who has a different weight loss goals and this can be a disaster.

After trying several meal plans and even starving myself, I have come to realize that creating a meal plan that works for your taste buds and your weight goals will be best.

If you want a weight loss plan that fits you then check out this Custom Keto Diet where you can get a custom diet based on what you need.

So instead of copy/paste a meal plan that is not designed for you, it’s best to use a diet plan customized exclusively for you.

Check out this Custom Keto Diet plan by Rachael Roberts.

In my next post, I will be sharing some foods to avoid in the morning if you want to lose weight in record time. 

Your mind will be blown at how many of these fattening food you eat every day without realising how bad they are for you.

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