10 Most Unhealthy meals to eat in the morning

It is no news that breakfast is one that shouldn’t be skipped for any reason, whether it is true or untrue. This basically is peculiar to individuals. 

But whatever meal you start your day with has a way of affecting our body. It is safe to eat a healthy breakfast. Some of these meals might look very harmless, but the content/ingredients are not as natural and healthy as it looks.

Below are some that are so not advisable for breakfast;

  1. PANCAKES AND WAFFLES: These are popular breakfast for weekends. they are cooked differently, although they are high in protein than some breakfast, they are highly refined flour. Some researchers have come to the conclusion after relevant findings that refined grains like wheat and also flour contribute to obesity and can cause resistance to insulin.
  2. TOAST AND MARGARINES: flours used in bread are refined or processed, making the bread provide a little number of nutrients and fibre. Also, most margarine contain trans-fat(they are unsaturated fats that are associated with negative health effects
  3. MUFFINS: muffins are basically small cakes in disguise which makes them closely similar, just like cakes they are also made with all processed ingredients like; flour, vegetable oil, butter, sugar, however the only healthy thing ingredients are just eggs. This certainly is not a suitable choice for breakfast.
  4. FRENCH TOAST: most standard French toast recipes consist of bread, eggs, and milk which might provide a little bit of protein but also comes with a high quantity of sugar.
  5. FRUIT JUICE: This is not a good choice especially if you’re trying to contain or get rid of hunger, obesity. Most juices these days contains more of sweeteners, than the actual juice itself, too much figure can increase your chances of obesity and other chronic diseases. Except fruit juice is made naturally at home the aim of whatever you originally aimed at achieving.
  6. SCONES WITH JAM AND CREAM: these are basically and truthfully more like desserts, they are topped with cream, jam or jelly. The end result is a sugary breakfast with little or no protein and fibre. This can increase one’s appetite, lead to hunger and the end game is increased food intake and weight gain.
  7. GRANOLA BARS: are often no better than candy bars. Some of the most popular brands contain a combination of a large quantity of sugar, corn syrup and even honey. These alone spikes up their sugar contents. Granola bars sometimes also contain chocolate chips or dried nuts.
  8. SMOOTHIES: unless you make them yourself or you’re ordering from a shop that specializes in freshly made smoothies, then you are getting processed fruit-flavoured concentrates, though some may have fruit in them, they are still loaded with ingredients to make them look appealing.
  9. CEREALS: a bowl of cereals for breakfast will always leave you feeling hungry in just a matter of time. Cereals are highly processed and contain only a small amount of grains but a high amount of sugar.
  10. BACON: bacon has protein and a high amount of sodium, but just a little bit of protein and that is certainly not the right amount you need to keep you full. And one bacon will not keep you full, you will have to take more 3 to 4 kinds of bacon to fill you up and that is still peculiar to individuals, and high intake of sodium is not so advisable because of the health risks it may present.


Breakfast being the first meal of the day sets you up on a certain pace depending on what you take, so it is good to take a good and healthy breakfast that is balanced and will stabilize your body system and can control your appetite for the rest of the day. Some individuals still find it difficult to believe that breakfast you take has a very important role to play in your weight gain or weight loss. Bad breakfast can pose as a health risk also.

So if one must eat breakfast, it should be a combination of all or most of the things or ingredients that make up a balanced diet.

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