10 Everyday Behaviours That Aid Healthy Weight Loss

The whole idea of weight loss is a challenging issue it comes with a whole lot.

The bone of contention here just as it is different strokes for different folk, this saying can also be likened to weight loss meaning that what works for A might not, or most certainly will not work for B or C.

This can be as a result of variance in different body type, medical issues, genetics, dieting, food preference also an individual’s ability to discipline him or herself.

Behaviours targeted at weight loss programs are basically attached our attitude towards diet and exercise generally, so when we build up the right habits, we can build up the desired weight we want.

Also, several studies have shown that overweight kids are likely to be going through behavioural problems, this suggests that bad behaviour can be a determining factor for weight gain.

Below are some of the behaviours that can make a great impact and aid healthy weight loss;

#1 – START WITH A PLAN: for you to achieve a healthy weight loss, it must start with a plan. From that plan, you should learn how to discipline yourself, be aware of what you eat at all times. Keep records of your meal intake for at least 3 days. Take note of the time you eat much, for example, is it when you are at home, when you are away or when you eat out.

#2 – WITH THAT PLAN, SET A GOAL OR GOALS: while on this weight loss journey an individual should always put this in mind, what exactly is the goal I am set to achieve? Am I trying to lose weight so I can fit into little black dresses or skinny jeans from way back, or to stay healthy? Now to achieve this what are willing to do?

#3 – BE AWARE OF YOUR CHALLENGES. SHORTCOMINGS, ADDICTIONS AND MAKE WAYS TO OVERCOME IT: Most of us battle with different forms of challenges or addiction while on this weight loss journey, it could be sugary drinks, soda, trans-fat meals and so on, even processed foods.
There are some individuals who cannot stay a day without a cold bottle of a sugary drink, or even junk food, these are habits or addictions that we should try to overcome while on this journey.
The safest and the best thing to do is to look up healthy recipes, you can try at home, prepare freshly and naturally made meals instead of processed.

#4 – AVOID WAYS THAT CAN CAUSE YOU TO EAT UNHEALTHY: So which of the following categories do you fall into? Is it the ones you eat while watching a movie and consume more than they ought to? Or those who skip a meal to eat more during the next meal? Or those that can eat anything in sight at any time of the day, these are few habits that can make you eat unhealthily and one should make conscious efforts to gradually get rid of them.

#5 – CONTROL YOUR INTAKE OF FOOD OR PORTION: use smaller plates so as to eat small portions of the meal, drink more water, try as much as possible not to skip meals in order to reduce the chances of eating double portions later, most importantly be conscious and cautious of what you eat.

#6 – IDENTIFY REAL HUNGER & EMOTIONAL HUNGER: learn to recognize real hunger and emotional hunger, real hunger is physical hunger. Emotional hunger is when you are stressed, bored or tired. it is not always good to eat when you are stressed, bored or tired. In as much as it is not good to starve oneself, that should not be a free pass to eat without caution. It is advisable to eat more of foods that contain high-fibre, like whole grains, beans, legumes, vegetables, protein and water. These are meals that can make you fill up quickly.

#7 – FOCUS ON YOUR PLANS TO GET POSITIVE RESULTS: weight loss is a gradual process for some individuals and a fast one for others. We are all peculiar beings therefore no matter how slow the results maybe do not GIVE UP or WALK AWAY. Get support and advice from others when you feel like giving up. Take time to encourage yourself and always be positive.

#8 – THE CHEAT DAYS CONUNDRUM: for lack of a better word, a conundrum is used. Cheat days can be confusing and sometimes misunderstood or overstretched. Sometimes it is okay to at least breathe for a second and get a bit of normal, but do not overdo it. Cheat days should be once in a while just to give a sense that you can still be allowed to drink that bottle of soda, eat that cake. BUT WITH CAUTION.

#9 – FOCUS ON YOUR OVERALL HEALTH: do the things that make you happy because you need a stable mind and a healthy one at that. You can walk, run, play if you have to, relax your mind, it’s not a do or die affair. Make it to be your new normal.

#10 – APPRECIATE THE MEAL AND ENJOY IT: while eating, enjoy your meal, appreciate the meal, appreciate the aroma, the texture. Just savour the moment of what you are about to do.

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